Post | May 2024 | 1 min read

What is a Volunteer Strategy?

Written by TSI (Perth & Kinross)
Volunteer bulletin board

What barriers do people face when volunteering, and what are the possible solutions? These are the questions a Volunteer Strategy seeks to answer!

TSI (Perth & Kinross) is currently working on the Volunteer Strategy for Perth & Kinross, 2024-2027.

A Volunteer Strategy is a plan that benefits volunteer-involving organisations and volunteers in the present and future. It creates a shared understanding of the issues volunteering faces and the priorities and actions needed to effect positive change.

We've been working to developing the aims and objectives of a local Volunteer Strategy with input from cross-sector partners and organisations themselves. We are grateful to the employees and volunteers in the voluntary sector who shared their thoughts with us in the consultation stage of this project.

We look forward to sharing this Strategy with the wider public in summer 2024. For more information, please visit Third Sector PK or keep up with us on your preferred social media channel.

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