What's Be the Change?

A volunteering platform for everyone.

Organisations are calling out for volunteers help keep up the great work of the voluntary sector in Perth and Kinross. There are also plenty of individuals looking to get involved in their local communities and make a difference. But it’s not always easy to make these connections and find the right match. 


By putting power in the hands of the people, Be the Change helps organisations and potential volunteers connect without a hitch. Large and small organisations can join and promote their vacancies, and volunteers browse and apply—all through our platform. Users are free to explore the opportunities in their community or unlock their volunteering passion with a talent scan.

With these features and an ethos of community-driven change, it’s never been easier for everyone to enjoy the benefits of volunteering.

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Why volunteer?

Volunteers are at the heart of a thriving voluntary sector. What's more, the positive effects of volunteering are felt by organisations, the lives and communities they touch and volunteers themselves.

These effects can be both small and seismic, from the positive mental and physical health benefits felt by individuals who volunteer to the estimated £2.26 billion in annual value¹ they bring to the Scottish economy. A healthy society needs people who share their time and skills to make a difference for their communities and themselves.

¹: Volunteering for All - Our National Framework (2019)

The need for change

From 2019 to 2022, the percentage of Scottish adults who volunteered dropped from 26% to 22%.² To buck this trend, it's imperative we make volunteering more accessible and enjoyable for all.

Potential volunteers don't always know how to find opportunities that match their skills and interests, especially when faced with impersonal databases. In turn, organisations struggle to make their volunteering vacancies stand out. Be the Change PK streamlines this process and ensures a positive experience for all.

²: Scottish Household Survey (2022)

Why Be the Change?

A TSI (Perth & Kinross) initiative

As the Third Sector Interface (Perth & Kinross), volunteering is an essential part of our mission:

Independently working to ensure the third sector across Perth and Kinross is connected, has a voice and is supported through capacity building and volunteering.

We offer this platform to meet the needs of charities and voluntary organisations in Perth and Kinross and empower individuals to strengthen the communities we serve.

Volunteering is one pillar of our work as a TSI. We're also here to be an advocate and a source of knowledge for the voluntary sector. On the Third Sector PK website, you can find guidance and resources to support all aspects of your work.

Be the Change is a project of Third Sector Interface (Perth & Kinross).

TSI (Perth & Kinross) is a service provided by Perth & Kinross Association of Voluntary Service Ltd (PKAVS), a registered Scottish Charity (SC 005561) regulated by the Scottish Charity Regulator (OSCR) and a Scottish Company limited by guarantee (SC086065).